Founded in May 2005, REED stands against trafficking and sexual exploitation through outreach, advocacy and public education.

We are deeply aware of the need to resist structural evil while at the same time reaching out in mercy. To this end we have two prongs to our work: resisting and embracing.

In the area of resistance we lift up the voice of those whose voices have been silenced and advocate for systemic change that upholds their dignity. This includes organizing against the normalization of the sex industry and the legalization of brothels, raising awareness about how the demand for paid sex drives the exploitation and trafficking of women, and protesting the deportation of trafficked women while working towards regularized status for them. We also educate law enforcement, airport chaplains, students, professionals, service workers, and others, on the myriad issues surrounding trafficking and sexual exploitation, and partner with feminist and immigrant organizations.

We see prayer as a central act of resistance. Several times a year we host evenings where we corporately hold trafficking and sexual exploitation before God for intervention and healing. We also actively engage in prayer-walking. This involves intentionally placing our bodies in contested spaces and prophetically naming the powers of death and corruption, interceding on behalf of the oppressed and praying for the liberation of both women and men.

In the area of embrace, we walk with trafficked women and those suffering from sexual exploitation. This may include attending an immigration hearing, helping a woman navigate through legal and social systems, praying with a woman on the street, or providing chaplaincy to women exiting prostitution.

Our volunteer opportunities include: being part of a prayer-walking team, helping to organize prayer events, graphic design work, learning about trafficking and systemic exploitation in order to educate others, serving on our team to organize community actions.

We are committed to keeping you educated about what YOU can do to stop sex trafficking, so check our blog often for updates on Vancouver and the wider global community.

REED is happy to come and talk to your community group, church or organization about human trafficking in Vancouver and beyond.



2 Responses to “Who is REED?”

  1. November 29, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    we are with you and will do what we can here.

  2. 2 Celeste Reinhart
    December 4, 2007 at 2:16 am

    Great resource and great work! I’ll keep visiting your site.

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