Decriminalization, Colonization, and the Normalization of Sexual Exploitation

“Decriminalization, Colonization, and the Normalization of Sexual Exploitation: The World’s Oldest Oppression Attempts to Go Legal.”

Wednesday, July 30, 7:00 pm
Learning Resource Centre,
(under the library)
Britannia Community Centre,
1661 Napier Ave.,

You are invited on Wednesday night to a roundtable discussion among union members, women’s organisations, community organisations, and organisations of formerly prostituted women about the recent drive to “decriminalise” and legalize prostitution.

Attempts to normalize prostitution elsewhere through decriminalisation, legalization, and “unionisation” have resulted in greater numbers of women being forced to commodify their bodies in the market place, while legitimizing and strengthening the positions of those who profit from sexual exploitation and violence. Sexual violence has not decreased for most prostituted women in those countries that have tried the “quick fix” of decriminalisation or legalisation.

Aboriginal communities have been especially hit hard by the expansion of prostitution: Disproportionate numbers of Aboriginal girls and young women are being drawn into the “sex trade” in urban centres, many of them never heard from again. It is a trauma akin to that of the residential school tragedy. Decriminalisation can only exacerbate the harm that is taking place, not ameliorate it.

Let’s stand with our Aboriginal sisters to oppose this aspect of the anti-social offensive, and defend the rights of the most vulnerable! Join in the discussion on July 30!

Organised by AWAN (Aboriginal Womens’ Action Network); and Investing in Health, B.C.


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