Sam Sullivan Campaign December 5

superchick_megaphone_logo_hi.jpgOn December 5 people across Canada are urged to call, send letters, fax or send packages to Sam Sullivan on the real consequences of opening brothels in Vancouver. In every city where brothels have operated openly there has been a DRAMATIC increase in human trafficking. REED companions women in the fallout of this exploitation and see tremendous damage in women’s lives. Below is a sample letter to send to City Hall. Please make your voice heard and stand for the dignity of all persons!

Legalizing Brothels INCREASES Human Trafficking
Mayor Sam Sullivan:
I am concerned about your stated openness to Vancouver’s proposed cooperative brothels.
Decriminalizing brothels will entrench the exploitation of women in Vancouver:

• There is a serious lack of evidence that indoor sex work is safer than street-based.

• There IS evidence that the sex industry has flourished in areas where brothels have been decriminalized.

• Decriminalizing brothels has led to increased human trafficking and child exploitation.

• Those involved in survival sex have been further victimized by the presence of decriminalized brothels as their acceptance curtails the need for exit strategies.

• Those most vulnerable in the sex industry are often pushed further underground or are willing to perform more dangerous services when prostitution is normalized in a municipality.

• I believe that legitimizing prostitution in Vancouver by the approval of the cooperative brothels will further the exploitation of ALL women in our city.

Vancouver can better help prostituted women by promoting sustainable, holistic solutions:
• education and employment strategies for marginalized women,
• more female-specific de-tox beds,
• affordable housing,
• comprehensive exit programs
• preventative education campaigns.
The band-aid ‘solution’ of legalized brothels will ultimately serve to increase the number of women exploited by prostitution and trafficking.
* footnotes at http://www.CanadaCan.blogspot.com



1 Response to “Sam Sullivan Campaign December 5”

  1. December 6, 2007 at 9:01 am


    Mayor Sam Sullivan and City Councillors December 6, 2007
    Vancouver, BC

    Dear Mayor Sam Sullivan,
    I am deeply concerned by your administration’s apparent willingness to let the sex industry mount an offensive against Canadian anti-pimping and anti-whorehouse legislation, and indeed to aid and abet it in this project.

    Be it run on an allegedly co-op basis or by allegedly “experiential” people, sexual exploitation of people remains just that, and I don’t think Vancouver owes any “sexual services” to tourists or to local men.

    Research and experiential testimony tell us that pimps and sex buyers are destroying women’s lives, merely exploiting the lack of suitable housing, detox facilities and jobs for women. The Canadian population is increasingly critical of this industry’s growing hold on our society. Educators testify to the prostitution culture’s destructive effect on youths. Judges have castigated municipal administrations for turning a blind eye to their activities and indeed extending licences to their businesses.

    Your city has a tough choice to make: give in to the pressures of the sex entrepreneurs and make Vancouver another sex tourism attraction, with the attendant problems that cities such as Amsterdam are now trying to solve, or do the right thing by offering presently prostituted women what they are really asking for: a living wage, vital support systems, an end to police harassment, alternatives to selling out their integrity for lack of other options, in other words, a way out of a predicament they very rarely wish to remain in.

    Indeed, a recent Parliamentary subcommittee report acknowledged that most women in prostitution were really experiencing survival sex. Creating legal brothels – whose criteria these women wouldn’t meet – would add to their troubles by “legitimating” even more police intervention and client violence against them. Thus, the solution is not to make sexual exploitation more acceptable but to face up to Vancouver’s responsibility to create substantive equality for women, substantive support for marginalized youths, not a classier form of oppression and a more brutal form of repression of ‘sub-standard’ sex workers.

    We expect you to apply the law, that is take on the pimps and discourage the buyers, not add to the problems of the people they would all exploit.

    I am sure there is valid research in your files about the ills of blanket legalization and proposals from organizations such as the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centers and other concerned citizens that wish to make Vancouver a non-sexist space in time for 2010, not just a big North-of-40 whorehouse. I hope that you will give them priority and not give in to the pimps and their media flunkies.

    The sports world is increasingly concerned with an ethical environment. I assure you that flushing your responsibility re: crucial Canadian legislation and impoverished women’s rights not to have their sex life turned into a cash cow will not go down easy with this country’s women’s movement or with many athletes or sports fans. This is enough to start a principled boycott; I for one will be proud to work at one if need be.

    A lot of us will be looking very closely at your administration’s choices in this matter and holding Vancouver to its responsibilities to gender justice.

    I am looking forward to your response.

    Martin Dufresne
    Montreal Men Against Sexism

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