Write The Minister of Justice!


Please read the below article and then send an email to Robert Nicholson, the Justice Minister, voicing your concerns about the normalization of prostitution. Prostitution is systemic violence against women and must not be entirely decriminalized. Pimps would steal our daughters freely, human trafficking would proliferate, and violence against women would increase.

You can email him directly from this site: www.justice.gc.ca/en/contact/Comm3.html.
Since he only has seven days to respond to the challenge, it is best to email him rather than using snail mail.

Society launches challenge of federal prostitution laws

Group says current rules increase the risk of violence


Susan Lazaruk, The Province

Published: Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Advocates for sex-trade workers have launched a constitutional challenge of federal prostitution laws, alleging they make their job more dangerous and should be scrapped.

The Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence Society, formed by the Pivot Legal Society, is asking the courts to find laws that govern selling sex for money unconstitutional under a number of Charter of Rights and Freedoms sections.

The group alleges in a writ filed in B.C. Supreme Court that prostitution laws violate Section 15, which makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of occupation, among other things, because “sex workers are treated differently from people who have consensual sexual relationships that do not involve the exchange of money” and they’re treated differently from others “who perform other personal services for pay.”

The laws, including a ban on brothels, increase the risk of violence for prostitutes because they’re forced to work alone in isolated areas on the street, the group alleges.

The laws also stigmatize and stereotype their occupation and prevent them from accessing the laws that protect workers’ rights, including employment standards, union laws, employment-insurance benefits and workers’ compensation.

The law that prohibits communication for the purposes of prostitution “infringes sex workers’ right to freedom of expression” guaranteed under Section 2(b) of the Charter, the writ alleges.

The group also wants the courts to declare that a number of Criminal Code sections violate Section 1 of the Charter and therefore should be made null and void.

The writ names the justice minister of Canada, who has seven days to respond.


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